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About me

I was born in Alderslyst at Silkeborg in 1939, the 27. of Oktober, about 2 months after the germans invation of Poland started World War II. And the War long ago had come to an end, when I began going to school.  

After my degree I became vicar in Øster Velling (1970-2003).

In 1973 I took the initiative to The boys Brigade (FDF) of Stevnstrup.

Originally I wanted to be a teacher. But when My father would look over the possibilities at the teachers' college, he mistook the buildings, and he signed me up for the senior high school. Here I took an interest in the theology, and I forgot everything about the the teachers' college.  
Soon I began in Sunday School. And when I was 9 years old, I entered The Boys´Brigade (FDF). After my confirmation I joined The YMCA-Boys.   During the last 25 years I have worked whith family history and local history. I have got more time to that after my retirement. Also I have joined the parochial church counsil - in particular the committee of activities.
  At the university particularly it was The New Testament which interested me. In 1964/65 I came to the University of Strasbourg and for instance I studied Albert Schweitsers Jesus-book in the house, where he wrote the book. There I lived for 8 months.