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Laust Larsen (Damkjaer)

Damkjaer Family


Dansk - Danish

Laust Larsen was born 1812 , baptized the 5. of jan, in Bredsten, as son of Lars Widrichsen, smallholder at Kjærbølling Mark, and Marie Jensdatter.
1826 confirmed in Bredsten church CV
Laust Larsens children  

c. 1828 probably he was farmhand in Øster Starup, possibly at the inn of Aagaard, wich have had owners by the name of Damkjaer from 1787-1863.
1829 he comes back to Bredsten from Starup.
1832 maj-1834 maj he is farmhand in Gaarslev at the Farmer Stephan Sørensen
1834 maj-1835 maj he is in Gadbjerg
1835 den 30. maj he is married in Gadbjerg church to Karen Stephansdatter, daughter of Stephan Jensen, smallholder on Tofthoej Hede, and Ellen Sorensdatter. {Karens big sister Maren vas maried 1828 to Lausts big brother Jens Larsen} The same day they leave for Jelling.
Laust Larsen vas there tenant and weawer.

with Karen Stephansdatter
1. Lars Laursen Damkjaer (my grandmothers father)
2. Stephan Laursen Damkjaer (+ Johanne Kirstine Andersen): Their children:
Jensine Kirstine
Sofie Amalia


Lars Widriksen son of Widerik Pedersen and Else Larsdatter

Marie Jensdatter daughter of Jens Jorgensen Eising and Birthe Pedersdatter

1836 the 3. maj Lars Laursen Damkjær {my mothers mothers father} was born.
1837 the 27. marts the family move to Givskud, where Laust Larsen is tenant and weawer on Harritsoe Mark a couple of years.

1838 the 17. okt they get their second and last child Stephan.

1839 the 20. juni Laust Larsen bought a little property of 2 skpr hartkorn on Harresoe Mark. And here han stayed on the rest of his life.

But -
1841 the 26. aug. Karen Stephansdatter dies "i barnsnød uden at blive forløst", 36 2/3 år gl.

with Jensine Kirstine Stephansdatter
1. Carl Laurits Damkjaer (1842-44)

2. Carl Laursen Damkjaer (1845-52)

3. Søren Laursen Damkjaer (+ Kirsten Marie Mortensen): Their children:
Ane Marie
Jens Peter
Oline Dagmar



Stephan Jensen son of Jens Jonasen and Maren Stephansdatter

Ellen Sorensdatter daughter of Soren Lauritsen and Karen Ivarsdatter

1842 the 23/4 Laust Larsen marry again in Gadbjerg church (!) to his housekeeper Jensine Kirstine Stephansdatter (Karen og Marens younger sister) daughter of Stephan Jensen and Ellen Sorensdatter, who retire and move in with Laust og Jensine.
1842-57 they get 7 children: Carl - Carl - Søren - Martin - Karen - Mads - og Ellen Kathrine.

4.a Martin Laursen Damkjaer and Pouline Nissen:
Their children: Laust

4.b Martin Laursen Damkjær and Kirsten Marie Mortensen Their children:

Henry Alfred og Pauline






Laursen Family 1895

Stephan Jensen (1773-1850) son of

Maren Stephansdatter (1743-1818) daughter of

Stephan Jensen (c. 1713-1783)

1875 dies Laust Larsen, 62 years old.
1901 the 1. jan dies Jensine Kirstine Stephansdatter in Goeddinghuse, Noerup, 84 years old.

5. Karen Laursen Damkjaer (1854-54)
6. Mads Laursen Damkjaer (1855-56)

7. Ellen Kathrine Laursen Damkjaer