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My interests

Interests come and go. As a child I read books - depending on libraries. My life has been filled with books. "No end of writing books, says Ecclesiastes 12,12, and much studying tires the body."   As a vicar in Øster Velling soon it became a reunion with FDF, which took up a lot of room at my work as a vicar - both as leader of FDF of Stevnstrup, where the majority of the population of my parish lived, and as member of the staff and at last leader of Gudenå Distrikt (from Ålum to Grenå).
Theology marked the rest of my life; esapecially The new testament, which I always have looked at as historical subject. That is to try to find out, what is fiction and what is reality.  
The Sunday School and The Boys´Brigade (FDF) marked my school days. I tried to play football in YMCA Silkeborg, and I got a pair of boots for football no. 42. It was not a success. I think, that football is for people whith short feets. But the no. 42 stuck; I am best known as "42".   The Family history I got busy whith in the middle of the eighties and the local history - particularly about Øster Velling and Helstrup, which not earlier was put through careful studies.
  From first to last it is about Jesus, who is Alfa and Omega all in all - and in The new Testament too.
After my confirmation I joined YMCA-Boys and later YMCA. And soon The new testament became my great interest.   The parochial church council had my great interest - the first 15 years as chairman. As retiret I became elected to the parochial church council of Enghøj.