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Family history


My interest for family history started with my aunts Family Book about The Family Damkjær - hers and my mothers great grandfathers family.

My mothers father belonged to The Family Graversen/Troelsen from the district of Hammerum.

Herning Vesterholm, where they lived, was a center for dømmerbevægelsen in the district of Hammerum - inspired from Jens Hau from Struer-area.

My great great grandfather Mads Gram belonged to one of the many Gram-families.
His and ours Gram-family can with a little of good will be traced back to Hans Gram, mayor of Sæby.
With very good will and a little of dexterity somebody has ment to be able to trace this family back to a family of vicars in Gram in South Jutland in the 15. century!?

Then the turn came to my wifes family

- especially The family Rask in the district of Års and Slet .

Soon I needed to learn, what is actually the idea of genealogy - and the writing! The German hand.

I prefer to work with things, that had not been chewed by other historians.

So I began with my fathers family:

The Family Jensen.

Soon it appeared, that people from The Damkjær Family acted frequently here in my fathers family. In other words my father and my mother had great great grandparents 3 times in common..


In this connection I have worked a good deal with Gram-Families i 18. century .

I am interested in informations of all people with surname Gram, who was born before 1830!


I became member of the local Society for genealogy: "Slægts- og egnshistorisk Forening Randers". Here I entered the committee and became chairman.