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Local history

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My interest for local history soon was concentrated on my district: Øster Velling, Helstrup og Grensten - with Stevnstrup

List of residents of
Øster Velling 1855-1995.

Residents of Øster Velling 1844-1855.

Residents of Øster Velling 1788-1844.

List of:
Residents of Helstrup 1951-95. Residents ofHelstrup 1900-60. Residents of Helstrup 1844-1901.

List of
Residents of Grensten 1960-95.
I have joined the committee of the local archive of Langå for many years. On the archive I collect, what I have done.
I had decided to find out, who had lived in "my district". I took house by house and farm by farm and made notes by means of directories, phone books , who had lived there.

List of
vicars in Øster Velling 1532-2003.

List of
teachers i Øster Velling o. 1700-1957.

Øster Velling church


List of
Residents of Stevnstrup 1970-1995.

Residents of Stevnstrup 1955-70.

I have created the home page of the archive.


Some articles of people and buildings. Moreover copying of archive materials with my comments.        
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